Do I need to hire a P.A or provide any sound equipment?

No, we will provide all sound and equipment necessary for up to 2 locations (often needed for ceremony & reception).

If there is no electricity available we can use our portable P.A for the ceremony (duo only) which can be used without access to power and a fully powered P.A for the rest of the evening.

All we ask is to have access to a power outlet nearby to where we will be performing during the reception.

The use of both P.A’s are included with our Wedding Packages.

If you would prefer to hire us on an hourly basis there is a small fee for P.A use which will be added to our quote.

Can we use your P.A for speeches?

We are happy for you and your guests to use our P.A and microphone during your speeches.

Our microphones are wireless so you can roam anywhere within sight of the main band area.

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Can I play my own music during your breaks?

Absolutely! In fact, we prefer this as we know it is the music you love.

You will need to supply us with a playlist of your favourite music on an ipod or MP3 player on the day – our system does not play CD’s or music stored on a USB.

We will also have our own break playlist available to use during breaks if needed.

How long are your set times?

Our sets are generally 45 minutes…but in saying that we tend to go over time (we love what we do and normally get caught up in the moment). If your guests are saying “one more!” then we always aim to please (with your blessings of course).

Do people dance to your music?

100% Yes! We love to get people up and dancing and we structure our song selections throughout the evening to build our sound and create a party atmosphere.

With our large repertoire crossing many generations and tastes we are able to play music for all occasions and always find something for everyone!

What time will you set up and how long will you need?

We like to set up nice and early, to get a great sound and ensure all our equipment is ready to go before your first guests begin to arrive.

If performing at both reception and ceremony we will set up the larger P.A at the reception first before setting up the smaller ceremony P.A.

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How will you arrange your set times?

We will work with you and/or your wedding planner in the lead up to the day to arrange our set times.

We ask to receive a copy of your run sheet or timeline in the week before the date and we will work out a basic timeline for our sets and breaks. We will send you a copy of our run sheet before the day for any changes you feel should be made.

On the day we will work from this run sheet and use it as our guide, however due to the nature of the events we are always flexible on the day if things run behind schedule.

It is all about the married couple and we are simply here to make your day as best as it possibly can be.